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  Maria Simone (www.passion2prosperity.com) is a dynamic speaker, trainer, author, coach and champion of inventors and entrepreneurs. As the “Passion To Prosperity Diva”, she has helped thousands of people over the year’s access the resources they need to create their own success in a conscious business as well as a multiple income lifestyle. Maria’s visionary talents support clients with clarifying “next steps”, business planning, capital & resource acquisition, building powerful support teams, monetizing talents, product development, and customer acquisition through unique marketing programs. Maria has also been on a spiritual path for many years and uses transformational principles in business.

She has been featured on ABC News and Fox TV and interviewed for publications such as Business Week, Success Magazine, Inventors Digest, and Life After 50 Magazine. Her book “Passion 2 Prosperity: Instant Ways To Profit From Your Skills and Talents” is available at Passion To Prosperity Book Get marketing and business advice at her Blog website 

Maria has had a successful career in the healthcare industry, starting out as Pharmacist working in the Intensive Care Unit one of the largest trauma hospitals in New York City in 1986, then moving into home healthcare administration and sales by 1990. She has consulted for some of the top pharmaceutical firms in the country (Johnson & Johnson, MD Harris Labs) and has negotiated multi-million dollar healthcare provider contracts. In 1994 she co-authored Pharmacy Statutes which were adopted by the state of Arizona and addressed important patient quality care issues.

By 1998 she contemplated making some radical career changes. “Many people would ignore the ‘inner voice’ and just keep working away unhappily until they could retire or, more likely, until some major physical trauma stopped them in their tracks. I wasn’t going down that path” Maria says.

Her challenge to herself was to leave the healthcare industry, retire her professional degrees, and completely re-invent herself using all the talents and skills that brought her the most joy and applying them to new industries.
She learned how to continually surround herself with the right people, how to fund any project she was working on, and how to skillfully leverage and capitalize on her ideas and talents. In August of 1999, Maria retired from her industry and stepped into new income streams she had quickly created.
To date, Maria has started 4 businesses around her concepts, has raised over $1.5 million for various projects, and has licensed her ideas for royalties. She has seen her products on department store shelves, sold companies that she has created and others she continues to be very active in.

Maria resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband Michael Murdock.

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Michael Murdock (DocMurdock on the web) is a specialist in technology. With a background which began in programming during the mid 1970's he understands the roots of what computers use to function. He was part of the crew at PIXAR Animation Studios that created the movie Toy Story in 1995 and worked directly for Steve Jobs for 6 years in the early 90's.

Michael was also the Western Area Installs Coordinate/Program Manager for Sun Microsystems's StarCat & StarKitty projects helping companies such as Macromedia, Microsoft, Chase Bank, Bank of America and others install the multimillion dollar computer servers into their datacenters and ensure maximum uptimes with minimal headaches.

Michael's talents now are in helping clients with their Internet based businesses. He put his first web page together in 1991. Known as 'the techy who speaks English" Michael is able to translate for anyone those things in technology that seem difficult to grasp and make them as easy as 1,2,3. He's easy to work with and finds great joy in helping others through a pay-it-forward attitude that has been very rewarding over the years.

Michael loves technology and is a visionary with a plan for the future. He thinks many years ahead of his time and when companies are ready to step out of a box and step into their greatness they call him for a piece of his time which is getting more and more precious all the time.

Michael started his first technology business in 1988 doing hard drive and floppy disk data recovery, his second in 1995 (MMACS on the web) doing technology consulting with companies and individuals, and with DocMurdock which began in 2003 Michael is looking forward to a time when he will sit down with his laptop on a beach and write a book detailing all of his experiences in this world we know simply as "Technology".  DocMurdock is reachable on the web.

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